Judging It

Know Before You Go


    What Evil Has Taken Root? The only thing that could be more evil than the haunted houses and street experiences are the long lines that await you. How can you avoid this massacre of your personal time? By purchasing an Express Pass! If you think you can survive standing in line for up to three hours (on a peak night) then be my guest but don’t be sad when there’s an empty line next to yours with people who have purchased an Express Pass zooming past you. No pun intended at past Halloween Horror Nights tag lines, but choose your fate.  There’s really only one option to escape those zombie street experiences and that’s to choose the Express line. If money is an issue, than rest assured that there are other ways to cut down on your wait times. The event starts at 6:30 PM which should translate to most that you need to be there before that gate opens. Sometimes you can get lucky and secret side entrances will open up for those who dare to show up early. Either way, early is the way to be! The first groups of people through the gate will get to experience at least three houses in record speeds before those line times start to get a little scary. Now, once you are in the park, the key is to save the best for last! Everyone is surely going to head to the left on the map where all the big and popular houses are going to be set-up but if you do that then you are setting yourself up for long wait times and not-so-long houses. You can easily knockout some of the smaller houses and have plenty of time to get amped up for the best houses of the night. Planning is the key to your successful night and Halloween Horror Nights survival. Save the rides for last! If you are good at time management than mixing in rides with houses can work but beware because if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday you might not get what you bargained for in terms of amount of things completed. Any day, besides Friday and Saturday, is also a smart choice for those who are not crowd friendly. Another way to avoid long lines is to avoid peak nights which are usually during the opening weekend, ending weekend and anytime around Halloween. If you are attending one of the parks before going to the event (strongly advised against) then you will automatically get early access to HHN. On-site hotels may also be a smart option for both Express Passes and early access into Halloween Horror Nights. Time is money as they say and that’s exactly what you’ll need to avoid dying in line!

Please visit Halloween Horror Nights website for more info.